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We're a husband and wife artist team whose medium is photography and digital art enhancement. We travel the world and also shoot from our home base in Arizona, USA. We are located at the gateway to the Grand Canyon.

Kathi Calahan-Manley: I once had a math professor who said, "If you dig deep enough into mathematics you will find God." Intrigued, I now know that, "If we dig deep enough into art and beauty we will also find God." Talent is God's gift to us, our artwork is our gift back to Him.

Kevin Manley: I have always loved beauty through the lens. When looking at photos taken, I can recall the feel of the shot. With digital photography programs I can now blend the climate and reality into the picture that was present at the time of the click. My photos now inspire me to relive the passion that made me want to capture the moment in the first place. I hope that some of the raw beauty of the moment is conveyed by my interpretation through the lens and the computer.

Kathi Manley is a survivor of Invasive Breast Cancer and spent the better part of three years in the hospital trying to stay alive. Her husband Kevin was her caregiver and the stress of cancer nearly destroyed them both. They each agree; For those who are sick with cancer, or dreading its return or are caretakers of cancer patients, do whatever it takes to surround yourselves with beauty and art. The stress load of cancer is heavy, and beautiful artwork will lighten your load. The Manleys have made it their goal to make stress-relieving artwork available in hospitals, hospices, chemo centers and homes of patients at affordable prices.

We are Travel Photo Journalists, as well as artists.

Fine Art America is the ONLY place in the world you will find our art. Thank you.


Olde Edinburgh by Beauty For God


Douglas Sunset by Beauty For God


Irish Cottage by Beauty For God


Grand Canyon Softness by Beauty For God


Ketchikan by Beauty For God


Duty to God and Country by Beauty For God


Gentle Life by Beauty For God


Fractured Heart by Beauty For God


God Loves You by Beauty For God


Blarney Cave by Beauty For God


Vintage Lady by Beauty For God


Low Tide by Beauty For God


The Push by Beauty For God


Joy In The Morning by Beauty For God


Until We Make Peace by Beauty For God


No One Way by Beauty For God


The Moment by Beauty For God


God Loves You by Beauty For God


Flower of Light by Beauty For God


Let It Be by Beauty For God


Above All by Beauty For God


Every Good And Perfect Gift by Beauty For God


Adoption Saves Lives by Beauty For God


Art Makes Life Beautiful by Beauty For God